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PARDcast July 2022

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Round Rock Parks and Recreation's monthly "PARDcast" for July 2022 on upcoming events, programs and registrations.

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July 2022
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Upcoming Events
• Friday Fun Nights at Yonders Point Free Date Night. July 8 6:30-9:00pm for Enjoy Free
Food, refreshments, Lonestar Beer (description of events)
More info
• The Free Pop Up Play Day will be at Chisholm Valley Park and is a Morning Event.
Sat. July 16th. 9am -11am. Free food and refreshments, Galaxy soccer, story time in the park
hosted by our Round Rock Library, kites in field, small petting zoo and more...
• Friday Fun Nights at Yonders Point Free Texas Luau. Friday July 22nd, 7-9pm
• For more info on these and upcoming events visit:

Rock'N River Water Park Evening Event
• Rock'N River Waterpark is having a special Evening Event Saturday, July
23rd from 8-11pm. This is a special ticketed event and you can purchase tickets on
Friday July 22nd at 8am online. Season pass holders get in free. Come cool off and
chill out under the stars while floating around the Lazy River. More info about
Rock'N River visit
• Emily the intern is going to give more information on all our outdoor pools right here
in round rock coming up in a bit.

• Registration is open for Adult Cornhole, Sand Volleyball, Adult Men's and
CoRec Softball. More details and to register visit: or visit
• And, stick around for the 2nd half of this episode, as Omar the intern is going to give
you all further information on athletics for all ages. So, stay with us for that upcoming

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Omar The Intern Update on Adult and Youth Sports
Emily The Intern Update on All Outdoor Pools

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• Thanks for joining us on this PARDcast episode for July 2022
• And don't forget: Parks Are Where Communities Become Great!

Episode Transcription

00;00;02;04 - 00;00;08;08
Welcome back, everyone, to the Round Rock Parks and Recreation, July 2022 PARDcast. I'm Roge.

00;00;08;08 - 00;00;09;09
And this is Todd.

00;00;09;09 - 00;00;16;21
And we are so excited to tell you all about the amazing things coming up in July and how you can engage with us here at Parks and Recreation.

00;00;16;22 - 00;00;18;00
Yeah, we're just half way through.

00;00;18;08 - 00;00;23;17
I know it's only halfway through the summertime. Hard to believe when we still have. Like what? We got one in six events.

00;00;23;29 - 00;00;24;14
I believe.

00;00;24;14 - 00;00;44;08
So that residents can take part in. So let me go into our some of our upcoming events once again, we have Friday fun nights at Yonder Point and that's date night. That's coming up July eight from 630 to 9. You can enjoy free food, refreshments, a Lone Star beer. We have a live music, we have couples yoga and we have a movie in the park.

00;00;44;08 - 00;01;02;00
So bring your loved one to your significant other. It's all free, of course, for warm formation you can go to We make it easy for you. We also have the free pop up play day. That'll be at Truism Valley Park. This time it's going to be in a morning event. So would it be a little bit cooler?

00;01;02;01 - 00;01;28;18
Thank God I know. Yeah, it's really hard. The last couple of pop up play days, that's coming up Saturday, July 16th from 9 to 11 a.m.. Man, we have free food, refreshments, galaxy soccer is going to be there. We have storytime in the park with Round Rock Library, kids in the field, a small petting zoo and more. If you want more information about pop up Play Day, it's Round Rock, Texas dot gov slash pop have you all caught on to that?

00;01;28;18 - 00;01;55;10
Now everything's Round Rock, Texas dot gov slash the name of the event. And then we have another Friday fun nights at Yonder Point. It's featuring a free Texas luau that's happening Friday, July 22nd from 7 to 9 p.m.. Todd is hula dancing right now. I wish you all could see it now. It's pretty cool, but at this event we are going to actually have a suckling pig on a steak that will be rotated just like a real luau.

00;01;55;18 - 00;02;15;15
We are going to have luau lessons for the kids and adults. Of course, free beer. That is going to be one of our biggest Friday fun nights. We want you all to come. And for more information about all these upcoming events, here we go again, Round Rock, Texas, dot gov slash Parks and Rec. Now, Todd's going to tell you all about our rock and river evening event.

00;02;15;15 - 00;02;18;12
That's right, Rock. It's going to be open in the evening.

00;02;18;12 - 00;02;38;14
So Rock and River is going to have a special evening event. Saturday, July 23rd, from 8 to 11 p.m. and this is a special ticketed event, so you can purchase tickets online on Friday, July 22nd at 8 a.m. And also, if you are a seasoned pass holder, you get in free.

00;02;38;15 - 00;02;39;17
That is a great perk.

00;02;39;17 - 00;02;40;16

00;02;40;18 - 00;02;47;13
You should get in. Also, it's been like 100 degrees at nighttime. So being able to swim at rock and river at nighttime is a real.

00;02;47;13 - 00;02;51;07
To get on the lazy river. Just float around and look at the stars.

00;02;51;26 - 00;02;53;26
Over the ice cream at the snack bar.

00;02;54;06 - 00;03;07;22
So sounds great to me. So for more info on this, you can visit Round Rock, Texas dot gov slash river. Stick around because we're going to have Emily the intern. So we have some new interns that we're going to introduce to you.

00;03;07;22 - 00;03;09;06
Pretty cool to have that help there.

00;03;09;11 - 00;03;19;06
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So Emily's going to actually be talking about the outdoor pools that are offered here in round Rock. And so stick around for that. That segment will be up in a little bit.

00;03;19;19 - 00;03;42;29
Also, registration is now open for adult cornhole sand volleyball, adult men's and correct softball. More details. And to register, you can go to round rock recreation dot com or you can visit team sideline dot com slash round rock. Also stick around for the second half of this episode as O'Mara, one of our interns, is going to give you more information about all of our adult and youth athletics.

00;03;43;05 - 00;04;01;22
Want to remind everybody out there that podcast is available on several of your favorite podcast apps. You can also ask Alexa and Google to play the latest Round Rock Parks and Recreation in part two. Cast as well. You can also stay connected with us on our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

00;04;01;22 - 00;04;14;29
And make sure you like, follow and subscribe to our podcast so you won't miss out on any events or programs here in Round Rock and you can find all these links below. And the episode notes that we've mentioned throughout the podcast.

00;04;14;29 - 00;04;18;11
So now you have no excuse to say, I didn't know about that event.

00;04;18;18 - 00;04;19;07
That's right.

00;04;19;07 - 00;04;24;28
You have an Alexa or Google smart speaker. You can just ask them to give you the lowdown.

00;04;25;08 - 00;04;36;07
That is true. And now we're going to be throwing it over to Omar, the intern, and he's going to give us the youth and adult sports information that's going on.

00;04;36;11 - 00;04;41;05
Yeah, he's a lot younger and sounds a lot more cool than we do. Yeah, that's why we have interns.

00;04;41;11 - 00;04;58;01
Omar The Intern
Hey, guys. My name is almost more. I am a summer intern here with the City of Brown Rock, and I am nothing short of excited to be here on this Round Rock podcast. I actually had the opportunity to play all the sports that the City of Brown Rock has to offer. And so I give you a little bit of insight.

00;04;58;06 - 00;05;17;12
Omar The Intern
It was great and I had fun. We have both adult and youth leagues to offer, so I'm going to tell you a little bit more about that coming up later this summer fall. We have track and field for ages five through 18 who can work on their speed, agility, as well as their technique, their full time partnership, which means you can run at practice as well as the track meets.

00;05;17;16 - 00;05;37;00
Omar The Intern
And then there's practice only participants, which means you got to go to all the practices, but you just can't run in the track meets. Although the season started on April 26, it is not too late to sign up. Registration is open all summer and the track season ends on August 3rd. Another four we offer is youth soccer, which is fast approaching this fall.

00;05;37;01 - 00;05;58;10
Omar The Intern
Ages four through ten can participate. Registration for this season is now open and the season starts on October 1st. That wraps up all the sports leagues we are for the youth, so make sure you get involved and stay up to date with all of our upcoming sports to get your children involved. Now to transition over to adult sports leagues, we have a plethora of sport for both adult men and women.

00;05;58;10 - 00;06;32;05
Omar The Intern
We offer summer men's and correct softball summer correct cornhole and a fan favorite, correct sand volleyball, which are all coming up in late July. We also have summer men's basketball that is starting up at the beginning of August. These are all sports that you do not want to miss out on. You could meet new people, get some exercise in, as well as a little bit of friendly competition for more information on both youth and adult sports leagues with the city of Aurora, you can visit our website at Railroad Recreation dot com and our athletics tab.

00;06;32;06 - 00;06;38;20
Omar The Intern
That's all I have for you all on our sports section of the Railway Podcast. Podcast, I'm Omar Smart signing off.

00;06;38;24 - 00;06;46;15
Thanks so much, Omar, for that athletics update. Now we have the update by Emily, the intern. She's going to tell you all about our outdoor pools.

00;06;46;22 - 00;07;06;26
Emily The Intern
Things, right? So, yeah, we have four great pools that are great to escape the heat this summer. We have Broken River, which has a lazy river, numerous waterslides, a high jump and many more awesome things. Mickey comes back, has cool features like a pirate ship, great walk and slide that everyone loves. Lake Creek offers recreational swim lap lanes and swim lessons for all ages.

00;07;07;03 - 00;07;24;09
Emily The Intern
And finally, we have the Clay Madsen Recreation Center. This is an indoor pool that also offers recreational slam lap lanes and aquatic group exercise classes. All information can be found online at Round Rock, Texas. Dot gov slash pools. This is Emily, the intern, and that is our pool update. All right.

00;07;24;09 - 00;07;28;20
That's it for the interns. And it's a great time. Good job, guys.

00;07;28;25 - 00;07;31;22
So this is Rhod from your Parks and Recreation Department.

00;07;31;22 - 00;07;32;16
And this is.

00;07;32;16 - 00;07;36;27
Todd. And we are signing off for our July version of Pardcast

00;07;36;27 - 00;07;38;27
And don't forget,

00;07;38;27 - 00;07;48;13
Speaker 5
Parks are where communities become great!